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All timings are approximate


8.30 am             Judging commences in Horse Classes                        Rings 1, 3 & 4

9.00 am             Judging commences in Horse Classes                        Ring 2

10.00 am           Horse & Hound Foxhunter Show Jumping

                            Followed by Open Show Jumping Competition                   

12.30 pm            The Adrenalin Stunt Display                                       

1.10 pm              Meynell & South Staffs Hunt Parade of Hounds                 

1.40 pm              Shetland Grand National                                              

2.15 pm              Grand Parade of Cattle & Presentation of Cups                   

2.50 pm              The Adrenalin Stunt Display                                       

3.25 pm              Shetland Grand National                                              

4.00 pm             Mascot Race                                                                     

4.25 pm              Horse Supreme Championship                                    

5.00 pm             Parade of Vintage Cars                                                  

5.30 pm              Musical Chairs for Cars (Lady Passengers Only)                 



10.00 am           Ferret Racing                                                                 

10.30 am           Vintage Tractors                                                             

11.00 am            Judging commences of Heavy Horses                        

12.30 pm            Ferret Racing                                                                  

1.00 pm              Bird of Prey Display                                                       

1.30 pm              Harry Thomas Chainsaw Sculptor                              

2.00 pm             Polo Display by University of Birmingham                          

3.00 pm             Parade of Vintage Tractors                                           

3.30 pm             Harry Thomas Chainsaw Sculptor                              

3.30 pm             Judging of Best Vintage Tractor                                              

4.00 pm             Ferret Racing                                                                  



10.30 am           Novice Gundog Test commences                                 Gundog Area

11.00 am            Cookery Theatre Demonstration                                   Village Green

11.30 am            The Peas                                                                                   Band Stand  

12.00 pm           The Stafford Morris Men                                                      Village Green

12.00 pm           Judging of Best Dressed Scarecrow                             Horticultural Marquee

12.00 pm           Scurry                                                                                          Gundog Area

12.15 pm             Cookery Theatre Demonstration                                   Village Green

12.30 pm            Amington Band                                                                      Band Stand

12.30 pm            Horticultural Marquee re-opens

1.00 pm              Gardening Question Time Theatre                                Market Square

1.15 pm               Soul Junction                                                                          Band Stand

1.30 pm              Cookery Theatre Demonstration                                    Village Green

2.30 pm             Gardening Question Time Theatre                                 Market Square

2.45 pm              Cookery Theatre Demonstration                                    Village Green

3.00 pm             The Peas                                                                                     Band Stand

3.30 pm             The Stafford Morris Men                                                       Village Green

3.40 pm             Amington Band                                                                        Band Stand

4.15 pm              Cookery Theatre Demonstration                                     Village Green

4.30 pm             Soul Junction                                                                             Band Stand